The Best Millionaires Who Help People In Need - Who is the Most Charitable of them All?

Who are the best millionaires who help people in need? There are an uncountable amount of people in the world who have the wealth to really make a difference to other people's lives and yet so few of them donate money for people in need. If you are trying to get money from millionaires for a particular cause then it can be very helpful to know who are the most generous millionaires and billionaires in the world. In this article we take a look at the five most generous wealth people out there and pay them some respect for their kind deeds.


Best Millionaires Who Help People in Need - Sandra Bullock Celebrity Actress


Sandra Bullock is mostly known for her famous roles in movies such as Miss Congeniality and The Proposal but she should be more known for her work with natural disaster victims, most notably after Hurricane Katrina. Ms Bullock has done a lot of work and given a lot of money to help families and communities rebuild after the devastation of various natural disasters making her one of the best people who help people in need. If you or someone you know has experienced the loss and heartache of a natural disaster and you are thinking "I need money for business" or " help me I need money" then you may be able to get help from Sandra Bullock.


Best Millionaires Who Help People in Need - Ted Turner of CNN


Ted Turner is the man behind CNN and it's media subsidiaries and he is expectedly wealthy as a result of the massive network's success. Ted Turner makes the list as one of the top rich people that loan money to people that need it and as someone who give a lot of money to charitable efforts. Like many other wealthy philanthropists Ted Turner has founded his own organization for charity - the Captain Planet Foundation. This organization deals with helping people improve their communities, especially for children. Community initiatives can be very hard to get off the ground unless you can get the help of rich people who loan money (or give it away as charity). If you are in this position then talking to Ted Turner might be the best solution for you.


Best Millionaires Who Help People in Need - Eli Broad Construction and Real Estate


Eli Broad is lesser known outside of his particular industry but this doesn't stop him from being one of the most generous wealthy people out there. Broad, through the Broad Foundation gives away 50% of his annual income in charity. In particular he focuses on assisting entrepreneurship in the public development and human advancement sectors. If you are thinking "I need money for business" and if you are planning on developing in the science or health realms then Eli Broad might be the philanthropist you are after. Eli Broad is definitely one of the best millionaires who help people in need.


Best Millionaires Who Help People in Need - Bill Gates of Microsoft


Most people have heard of Bill Gates or they are at least familiar with his company Microsoft. It's hard not to be familiar with it when you are likely sitting at a machine using his software right now. Bill Gates is one of the wealthiest men on the planet and he is also one of the most generous. Gates makes as much money per year as some small countries and he donates a huge portion of this to his charity the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and to other charities around the world. Bill Gates typically donates to human interest causes surrounding health and community infrastructure. If you are trying to raise money for a disadvantaged group of people then the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation may be your best hope.


Best Millionaires Who Help People in Need - Warren Buffet the Business Magnate and Philanthropist


Most people would place Bill Gates as the number one person on the list of the most generous rich people in the world and it is indeed true that Gates donates the most out of anyone. However, Warren Buffet tops this list because he has started a trend of giving that has reached out to almost 50 billionaires globally and in the USA. The Billionaires Club Pledge asks it's members to donate 50% of their wealth to charities of their choosing or design and Buffet has paved the way with his own actions. If you want to get money from millionaires then you should recognize Warren buffet as the number one of the best millionaires who help people in need.

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Written by E_Chastain
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Although I'm not looking for any funds I know that all too often we don't appreciate those who step up to the plate and offer their resources and financial aid to those who can put it to good use. Kudos to these great people.