I Need Help From a Millionaire

I need help from a millionaire is something many people contemplate but never follow through with, if you do want help from a millionaire then there are a handful of billionaires, celebrities and even millionaires that want to give money away. Billionaires such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffett and pledged to give nearly all their wealth away. Celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres have given away free cars and houses while Oprah Winfrey has given over $50 million to date. If you can follow through with the remark I need help from a millionaire then you just might get financial assistance. If you're down on your luck or in financial despair and need ideas for quick cash or ways to get fast cash then you should contact the millionaires who help people financially. While there is no guarantee that you'll get a donation it's certainly worth a try.

Millionaires Help People in Need

Every millionaire is a philanthropist who gives money away, the first thing that you need to do if you want help from a millionaire is to make a list of all the rich people and millionaires, this list can be made on the Forbes rich list, Forbes now has a Forbes 400 Philanthropist list which has all the information that you need. Make a note of the millionaire and then find the corresponding foundation or charity that they run or support. Once you have the information on the foundations run by these rich people you need their contact details which will be outlined on their contact page.

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How to Get Help From a Millionaire

The next step is to write a compelling sample letter asking millionaires for money, explain in detail why you need financial assistance and how you would use the money to improve the quality of your life. Firstly explain your current situation, have you been ill, do you need money for medical bills, do you need help with rent.

How to ask for money and get it: Once you've got the reason out of the way you need to make a request for a donation, be reasonable and don't be greedy, provide as much proof to support why you need the money. You could say you need $2000 to start a new college course, provide as much proof as possible. Finally end the letter explaining how the money would really make a difference to your life, make this part of the letter really personal and from the heart.

Millionaires That Want to Give Money Away for Free

Financial Help From Millionaires

Millionaires helping individuals are ready to give financial assistance but only to people who they think are worthy, don't just shout millionaire help me! and expect millionaires giving away money online to comply. People who want to give money to someone who needs it are not foolish and they will be able to suspect a false claim. Knowing how to get philanthropist money takes time and asking questions such as I need financial help from millionaires is just the start of the journey.

Millionaires Who Give People Money to Help

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Written by mommy84
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