Organizations Giving Free Computers to the Poor and Needy

Organizations that give free computers to the poor are out there, but you might have a hard time to qualify for the assistance. That said, there are some nonprofit groups and organizations, generally charitable, which can get the needy a laptop for school students or others. I would like to share some information about the people and groups that do this kind of stuff for low income families and show you how you can get a free laptop, desktop, or tablet PC.

Computer Recycling Centers

CRC is a very worthy cause. People donate their own laptop computers to the group, in exchange for a tax deduction. The laptops are gone over, with all bugs and viruses removed, so they are in full working order when the poor high school student or college student.


This is another great source of electronics, including free laptops for college students who are very poor and needy. You will find many people donate old PC’s that are in working order, but often a little older and somewhat outdated. For a young child of a low income family, it would be more than sufficient for homework.

Other Places to get Free Computers for the Poor and Needy

National organizations aren’t the only ones who give away free stuff to the poor. Many local civic groups do the same thing. The list of places below are additional options you might want to keep in mind as you look to get the needs for your student met.

Civic Groups: Many local nonprofit groups have been known to help out poor and needy children and families. Some will donate their old computers or buy refurbished laptops cheap, so they can give them away. Call the local Elks, Moose, and other lodges in your area. Just take a quick look in the Yellow Pages and see if there are any in your areas.

Accelerated Programs: Accelerated schools offer programs for free laptop use during the school year. For the most part, you will need to put down a small deposit. This is a really good way for school age children to use a free PC.

Low Income Rental/Free Use: Some schools will allow those that get free school lunch or meet financial restrictions to use a computer for nothing, or rent it for a minimal monthly fee. If you cannot afford to buy a laptop or desktop for your child, ask if the school has any programs that could be of assistance. You still might be able to get the needs of your child met for school.

Government Programs: Call your local courthouse to see what they have available for programs. If you already get food stamps, health insurance, or live in subsidized housing, it’s entirely possible you would qualify for free computers for the poor and needy from the government.

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