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Shopping for shoes is not something that many people like to do, due to the fact that stores can be fairly crowded and the selection may not be impressive. In addition, in most retail stores, the person is paying more. This is why Mason Easy Pay has become a great way for people to shop for shoes and other accessories. Mason Easy Pay offers a catalog and an online website in which people can utilize to find the shoes or accessory that they are in need of. The company was established in 1904, thus you know that quality is there since this company has been running for so long.
Products that are Offered Through Mason Easy Pay
When looking at Mason Easy Pay, the main product offered is shoes. There are shoes for kids, men and women. Including shoes that are for casual wear, seasonal, and for special occasions. They also have a huge size inventory that the person can choose from. They have other accessories as well such as handbags, watches, jewelry, sunglasses and hats.
Advantages of Mason Easy Pay
There are many advantages that consumers find when using Mason Easy Pay rather than going somewhere else:
– Convenience of buying these whenever you want
– A wide selection that includes more than what most stores are going to have
– A long warranty period of around 120 days in which you can return an unworn shoe that you are not satisfied with for money back or for an exchange
– Latest fashions that are on the market are carried
– They also carry hard to find sizes for those that may have a difficult time with finding shoes that fit
– Offer low monthly payment option great for those that are purchasing several products at once or an expensive pair of shoes
– Shoes that are in stock ship within 24 hours and only take 7 to 10 days to arrive at your door
– Shipping rates are based off of what you spend
Disadvantages of Mason Easy Pay
The advantages of using this service are better than the disadvantages, however, there are just a few that have to be noted:
– When returning any item, you do have to pay for return shipping which is automatically deducted out of the full amount of your refund
– This return shipping also applies if you are just exchanging for a different style or size
Example of Payment Structure and Interest Rates
The Mason Easy Pay credit card does not require a down payment. Those that qualify for this, based upon having a decent credit score are going to find that they are given a credit line that they can use for any purchase from this company. The price that the person pays per month is based upon how much of their credit line that has been used. However, payments can be as low as $20.00 per month. The interest rate is usually 23.99%, however, based upon the state that the person lives in, this rate could be lower.

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