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Finding just the right product for a special gift for someone or for yourself is something that is harder to do than what most people realize. However, with the Bradford Exchange the time that is spent worrying about finding something unique is eliminated. The Bradford Exchange has been in business since 1970, and they have always strived to offer those products that cannot be found in other places. This is what sets this company apart from the many others that are out there.
Products that are Offered Through Bradford Exchange
There are several products that are offered through the Bradford Exchange that are not going to be found elsewhere. This is what makes this a unique place to shop for consumers. Those that enter onto this site are going to find that they have unique gifts to give that are one of a kind. The company prides itself on having art available that is beloved by everyone, such as Thomas Kinkade paintings and the like. There is certain Disney type of memorabilia that is for sale, which is great for a collector. And they also offer coins that are meant to be kept for years to come. Everything that they offer is something that a person will treasure for years to come.
Advantages of using Bradford Exchange
There are several benefits that a person will find when they decide to use the Bradford Exchange for their gift giving needs. These include:
– Finding items that are hard to find
– Items that are truly collectible are going to be offered here, which are hard to come by with other types of sites and catalogs on the market
– They have a very good return and exchange program on each of their items. There are some items such as jewelry that have 120 day return time limit, whereas their heirloom toys and the like have a 30 day return time limit
– Free return shipping in the event that you do need to return an item for exchange or refund
– They have multiple ways in which an item can be shipped to a person
– Ability to check account online easily
Disadvantages of Bradford Exchange
There are some disadvantages that people should be aware of:
– The payment plan that they offer is not a credit line that they have
– The shipping rate is going to be based on what you buy and the time limit in which you have it delivered to your door, shipping can cost up to twenty dollars on some items
Example of Payment Structure and Interest Rate
For those that want to pay on an installment payment plan, this can easily be done with the Bradford Exchange. They offer the ability for the person to use their own credit card and set up automatic withdrawals off their card for their payment. This eliminates having to qualify for a credit card and you know exactly what you will pay for interest, since you already have this card. However, in order to do this the company has to ensure that there is enough credit to cover the expense of the purchase.


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