Famous People Who Donate Money

Famous people who donate money to charities and good causes are also some of the wealthiest millionaires who want to give money away. If you’re in financial despair and down on your luck and need to make money fast then there’s a handful people who are willing to help financially. Millionaires such as Oprah, Ellen and even George Soros are willing to give away money through their foundation or chosen charity. The key to getting donations from rich people is finding the right millionaire to help you as well as the right way you contact the millionaire.


Celebrities That Give Money to People

There are many celebrities that give money to people, two of the most famous celebrities who help people who are desperate for cash are Oprah and Ellen. So far Oprah has donated over $50 million dollars in good causes through the Oprah Winfrey foundation, while Ellen has given away free houses and cars to her fans who were in financial difficulties. Both these celebrities can be contacted through their website.

Celebrities Giving Away Money for Free to Poor People

Celebrities That Donate Money to Charities

Celebrities also love donating to charities, if you’re trying to raise money for a good cause then it’s a great idea to contact celebrities for money. Make your letter as professional as possible and include why you need the money and how much you need and how this would change the lives of many people around you, if you can offer a compelling case then you could get lots of free money. Millionaires who help people in need love to hear about your progress so keep them in the loop and be grateful for any financial assistance.

Celebrities Giving Away Money to Poor People

Celebrities Who Give Money Away – Why

Why do celebrities give money away? well for publicity and ratings, famous people get famous through publicity and this is a great way for exposure. Millionaires who want to help people also want to be remembered for helping people and it’s also a good idea to ask millionaires for help when you contact celebrities. The people who donate money are called philanthropists and these rich people who donate money can be found on the Forbes 400 Philanthropy list. If you need quick money or ideas for quick cash then it’s worth getting in touch with celebrities and millionaires who want to give money away, while there’s no guarantee of success it’s worth a try.

People Who Give Money Away Are Called Philanthropists - Check out the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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