Cheap Four Wheelers Under 200 Dollars From Multiple Manufacturers

Is it really even possible to buy cheap four wheelers under $200? Yes! In fact, there is at least one manufacturer who produces brand new ATV’s for this price, but there is a small catch, which I’ll go over with you shortly. For the most part, however, you will have to purchase a used quad to keep the price down. As a guy that currently has seven (yes, seven) quads in my garage, I know what I’m talking about. I’ve bought and sold many of them, including off brand cheap Chinese four wheelers that have become very popular. I’d like to share some tips with you now.

Brand New Four Wheeler for $200

You have one primary option, but it’s only available in Canada and the manufacturer won’t ship anywhere else. That option is Giovanni.
Giovanni produces a kids 50cc quad that is priced, believe it or not, at $199, brand new. While I haven’t owned one, the styling is quite nice on them. The company, by the way, also makes dirt bikes, scooters, and some other ride on toys that might be of interest if you are heading to Canada or know someone who lives there.
The other possibility is with mini-quads. These are not always youth four wheelers. Some are actually made for adults, but they are very small, like the old pocket rockets. Often called pocket quads, these are sometimes pretty fast and can carry people of 250 pounds or more. Most are 49cc, but sizes will vary. A common price point for them is $300-$400, but if you look around, you can find them for less.

Going Used Saves Money

You can and will find many different cheap ATV’s under 200 dollars if you look around. They will not be the nicest on the trails, for the most part, but it is very possible to find them. If you are able to do repairs, you have some great options you might want to consider.

China ATV: This is going to be the most common type you’ll find at that price range. If you are on a very limited budget, sites like Craigslist and the local newspapers will generally yield the best results. There are many different brands to keep in mind, including; Kazuma, RedCat, BMS, Linhai, TaoTao, or Coolster. There are many other brands as well that you will find as you look around for the good deals. I have seen them for less than $100 in working condition.

Older Entry Level Quads: As long as you are willing to go with an engine size of 250cc or less, you will have a chance to find an old Honda FourTrax, Yamaha Moto4, or another entry level ATV for a very cheap price. Keep in mind that you could be dealing with units that have issues, including broken plastics, motor issues, bad tires, and some other issues. If parts are available and you are able to do repairs on your own, it is a good option to keep in mind.

Three Wheelers: If trail riding is the main goal, or you just want something to drive around on, an old Honda ATC or Yamaha Tri Z might be a good option to keep in mind. Many people are still riding them out on the trail today, since they were built so well.

It is possible to find cheap four wheelers under 200 dollars, but you will have to do some searching for the best deals.

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